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You can have a look at our team of talent on our 'Meet The Team' page. we are colour and cutting specialists in here... Below are some examples of the work that we do and what goes into it. For any questions or enquiries please call us or visit our Instagram or Facebook pages. you can also visit the 'Contact Us' page on the website and fill out the enquiry form! We will be happy to hear from you.

so we went from this ...

how did we do it??

blood sweat and tears ... of joy. 

luckily we were working with virgin hair (which means there was no colour already on the hair) this process wouldn't have happened as quickly if we were working with previously coloured hair.

we started by cutting it all off. then we used a platinum card technique, which is technical jargin for bleaching every strand of hair, using some right snazzy framar foils!


to this... 


once that had lifted, we rinsed, olaplexed and then used a wet bleach application at the backwash to shift up a couple more levels of lift. then we pre toned to remove some warmth and then toned over the top of that to achieve the finished look. when working with bleach and particularly on a task like this one, it's impossible for your stylist to know exactly what you're going to get at the end. we have to just work with the process and listen to the hair. sounds weird but trust us its a thing!


showing it off with some curls for the gram

fun facts:

it took a whole day

it was costly

maintenance is involved including: 

listening to your stylist about haircare and silk pillowcases, and coming back every 6-8 weeks to avoid banding in your blonde.

potential inbetween appointments to tone and condition.

maybe blondes do have more fun but they certainly have more homework! what's that saying?... "work hard, play hard"


sometimes we do absolute mint stuff like


it's a similar process to above but involves darkening on one side which is much more straight forward. and then just some crazy ass toning which leaves us bleaching our sinks for days!!


if your going to do it ... then just do it realllllyyyyyy bright. this amazing head of huuurrrr is also bleached and then toned. genuinely looks like a massacre in the sink ... 

sometimes we go from pink to green ... depends how many gins we've had!!


please note how healthy and shiny our heads of hair look after all this crazy bleaching ... not to be big headed but it's because we know what we are doing!! bleach isn't anything to be scared of as long as its used correctly! we have all trained to really high standards our whole careers and also we invest in the best products on the market! we enjoy using the internet for education, we go on courses and we learn from each other!!


Grey Blending



A more popular choice since lockdown but again not for the faint hearted ... this head of hair is just one example of the sort of thing you can achieve if your willing to put the work in and visualise the goal ... we did well to get this done in 2 sessions it can take much longer but the gods were on our side! yipppeeeeeee!!!!

with this particular blending service we started by weaving as much lightness in as we could, so we started at photo 1 and ended up at photo 2 in the first session. on the second session we just went for it and sliced the whole head of hair with lightener, then olaplexed, then toned! viola!!!


colour placement is soooooooo key!! you've got to get it right or it can just look a bit naff!! the colour and cut have to marry up perfectly too! this is where your hairdressers vision comes into play! our vision is only ever impaired on saturday nights ... teehee


our shears are always sharp ready to create these bespoke styles individual to you ...

we do some really beautiful soft freehand work too which achieves totally lush results! and we obviously do all the classic stuff that will never get old too!

Basically zesters we can do anything you want and we bloomin' laaaav it!!!

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